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Highland Park Tudor

Highland Park Tudor

This stunning Tudor-style home was built in 1927 and had incredible character and charm. Our young family clients wanted to create a space that was both modern and classic, with a rich color palette that would make the space feel warm and inviting. We knew that sourcing vintage pieces would be essential to bring a sense of connection and history to the home. In the summer of 2020, we embarked on a complete bathroom renovation, transforming the space into a luxurious and functional oasis. We also designed a custom bar and added new kitchen finishes, creating a cohesive and modern feel throughout the home. To add a touch of sophistication, we sourced unlacquered brass pieces from Morocco, which beautifully complemented the interesting textures and materials we used throughout the space. We carefully sourced furniture to match our clients' unique style and personality, ensuring that every piece had a purpose and was both functional and beautiful.   Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, our team remained committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the safety of our clients and team members. The end result was a stunning space that truly reflected our clients' personalities and style, with a perfect balance of modern and classic design elements.

Total Square Feet


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8 mon

Scope of work

Full home renovation and furnishing


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