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Sheridan Park Walk-up

Sheridan Park Walk-up

This project is a special one, as it is Caroline’s personal home located in the historic Sheridan Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The classic Chicago walk-up style home, built in 1914, served as the perfect canvas to showcase our design vision and expertise. One of the most notable features of this project was the use of a broad and rich color palette that drenched each room with warmth and vibrancy. We carefully curated each color to reflect Caroline's personal taste and style, creating an inviting and energizing atmosphere throughout the home. To enhance the character and personality of a few special rooms, we incorporated wallpaper with bold and playful patterns that added depth and dimension to the space. The wallpaper served as a stunning backdrop that allowed us to incorporate interesting textures and materials to create a sense of drama and visual interest. In the bathroom, we completed a full renovation that was both functional and elegant. We opted for a clawfoot slipper tub, custom white oak vanity, marble floors and polished nickel finishes. This mix provided a luxurious and timeless feel to the space. The bathroom renovation was complemented by a fixture and finishes overhaul in the kitchen. One of Caroline’s personal favorite details is the checkerboard painted wood floors in the kitchen as it added a rustic and charming touch.

Total Square Feet


No. Of rooms



4 mon

Scope of work

Bathroom renovation, kitchen refresh, lighting, paint, wallpaper and finishes throughout, furnishings


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